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Embracing both electronic and analog music, Minor Crisis ambitiously pursues two equal paths of sound design. The resulting songs are a fusion of aggressive hard-rock and post-electronica which crosses the defined boundaries of IDM and Rock.  Influences from contemporaries like Deftones and Audioslave can be heard in the dynamic mood-swings, which mix perfectly into the electronic driven, edgy hard-rock sound. Minor Crisis steadfastly avoids clichéd alternative music and takes a direction that is ferociously melodic and dizzyingly expansive. The band moves from pensive to pulverizing, often in the space of just a single song.

“The dynamics of the music and the art of storytelling by song is our primary focus,” says front man Chris Fincher. “I love the aggressive tone and the unique sounding combination of Joey’s drums as they mix with the sonically diverse soundscape Jeff creates in Ableton live. Roy understands how to properly deliver guitar parts that consist of rhythmic aggression and melodic harmony; all of these components together provide the proper backdrop for the song, and the story to feel real to the listener.”

Minor Crisis sits easily upon hard rock inspiration by remaining fundamentally centered and unashamed by experimentation. The songs are equally eerie as glimmering, strangely melodic but aggressively beautiful, and all share a common theme at the crossroads of understanding life’s angst and elegance. Get the debut album in August 2013.

Temple by Minor Crisis Full Release Today

Temple by Minor Crisis is released from Autumn + Colour Records in full today via all electronic music outlets.

From iTunes Temple by Minor Crisis

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HM Exclusive Listen

Minor Crisis releases Temple today, and HM has paired with the band to premiere “Broken Roads,” the newest track from their debut record, available NOW. We featured Minor Crisis back in 2013, and recently reviewed the full length, saying “it will be remembered as an important (album). There is a new noise in the air. It’s not fake-’80s throwback noise, but rather legitimate production polishing up what an old Beastie Boys album would sound like in the era of Miley Cyrus.”

HM Exclusive Listen : Broken Roads

New Single – Stomp The Page

Minor Crisis premieres the first single Stomp The Page, from the upcoming full-length album ‘Temple’ which will be available for pre-order on February 18, 2014. Regarding the single and its concept, Chris Fincher (vocals/guitar) says this; “Bob Dylan said that he once saw a black tree branch that never quit bleeding, a bunch of men in a room with blood still on their hammers, ten thousand men who spoke but said nothing and ten thousand whispers while no one was listening. There is a dark side to us all that can’t be contained when we engrave our soul onto a piece of wood, a piece of paper, an instrument or on our own minds. Basically, we all look at our hands at one time or another and ask the question; who am I, and what have I done?”


Recent Press in HM Magazine

Minor Crisis has a major feature this month in HM Magazine. Read the interview and download two HM exclusive tracks for free.

The Narrative

There are few outlets for narrative artist to share their tales within our oblivious daily routines, the routines which create our perceptions, our reality. Our struggle to accurately pass along details of life: victory, defeat, history, religion, government, love (both won & lost), addictions, rituals, relationships and wars, over generations in the form of rhythm and verse is challenging. Our efforts are to tell compelling stories of life to those who listen. Our chosen format is music, both electronic and analog, some of it described as rock, some not, but all with the intent to effectively inspire thought, questions, and explore life.

Minor Crisis Reaches 16K Streams in 24 Hrs


“Minor Crisis is classified as an IDM Analog Rock project that literally came out of nowhere. Over the weekend the band released two versions of an Electrorock cover of the White Stripes hit track ‘Seven Nation Army.’ After uploading the track to their Soundcloud account the plays and downloads starting coming in by the thousands; 16,761 plays to be precise within 24 hours at the time of this article.

Minor Crisis is a project that is currently shrouded in mystery. The Minor Crisis website adds even more to the illusiveness of the project, showing only a band name graphic and a ticker clock counting down to around mid-summer sometime. As of Thursdays May 2nd not one song had ever been released by the band. After doing some digging around to find out who and where this band came from, I discovered that Minor Crisis is a bit of a super group. Featuring founding member of the band ZAO Roy Goudy, international electronic musician Jeff Ashmore, Joey Hulsey from The Chariot and Chris Fincher on vocals.

Recent Press Information for Minor Crisis

HM Exclusive Listen: Broken Roads

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HM: Minor Crisis has a major feature in the August 2013 pressing of HM Magazine. Read the interview and download two HM exclusive tracks for free.

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